4. Download GROVE to your computer
  5. Upload GROVE to hosting
  6. Install GROVE Theme
  7. Install GROVE Required Plugins
  8. One Click Install Demo Data
  10. GROVE Options
  11. Settings MailChimp Options
  12. Contact Forms Options
  13. WooCommerce Settings
  16. Visual Composer
  17. Building a Home page
  18. Building OnePage
  19. Setup Home page Slider
  20. Parallax Effect
  21. Sidebars and Widgets
  22. Mega Menu
  24. Portfolio
  25. Our Team
  26. Pricing Tables
  27. Testimonials
  28. Process
  29. Countdown
  31. Thank You!


Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress, WooCommerce Theme

Thank you for purchasing our theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this documentation, please feel free to us via email. Thanks so much!!

Files included in the download package

Installing the GROVE theme

FIRST, GROVE is a Wordpress theme and must installed into a Wordpress framework, so make sure you have already installed Wordpress 3.9 or higher. If you haven't already done this, go to Wordpress.org for a free download and installation.

Download GROVE Theme

Get the GROVE Theme installation package from your account(after login) downloads page and save it to your computer.

Since WooCommerce and other plugins needed are already packed in the download file, you won't need to go download them individually.

Upload GROVE Theme to hosting

You can upload the GROVE file:

1. Via Wordpress - Log into your Wordpress site via url http://yourdomain/wp-admin:


When you get to your Dashboard, scroll down the left sidebar to the Appearance Panel and hover or click on "Appearance". You will be able to see the sub-menu in the picture below:


Click "Themes" as above image and will see an "Add New" button.


Click "Add New" button, then click on "Upload Theme"


Click "Browse" and find the GROVE.zip file location on your computer.


Now you just have to click Install Now and wait for your theme folder to be uploaded and unzipped. The process might take some minutes, so please be patient.

2. Uploading Via Filezilla

(SKIP THIS STEP if you have already successfully uploaded GROVE theme via Wordpress) - Now you will learn how to upload your files using the Filezilla client.

First, BACKUP YOUR FILES!Should do it before set up anything, this is always the safest.

Next, download and install the Filezilla Client from http://filezilla-project.org/

Now OPEN FILEZILLA to see this window:


Fill in your FTP information, like in the image below:


Click "QUICK CONNECT", here is screen after login:


Use the right side panel to navigate to the Worpdress theme folder on your server. In the example above, the Worpdress theme folder is public_html/wp-content/themes/. However, not all web hosting have public_html, it may have a different name in your server.

After you get to the Wordpress theme folder, use the left side panel to locate where you extracted the theme folder from the downloaded zip file into. In this example, the theme folder is on the desktop.

Drag it into your web hosting:


Note: you may be asked if you want to overwrite files and/or folder. Tick the option to "Always use this action" and click on "Ok", then wait until all files have been uploaded.

Install GROVE Theme

If you chose to upload GROVE with Wordpress uploader(via step 1 above), then wait for the notice below to appear and then click the link "Activate".


In cases where you uploaded the files with other FTP tools, open the Wordpress dashboard and navigate to Appearance>>Themes. You can activate GROVE from the theme choices there.


Hover on the GROVE theme screenshot to view the "Activate" button and click on it as above image. A notice will appear as image below and asking you to install some required plugins. Click "Begin installing plugins" to next

Install GROVE Required Plugins

All plugins required have been zipped/already into your download package, so you only need to do is click on the "Begin installing plugins".

You should be navigated to the Install Required Plugin page, which shows a plugin list similar to this:

install plugins

Next, Click on the checkbox beside "Plugin" label to select all plugins in the list.

install check list

Then choose "Install" from the drop-down list at the top and then click "Apply".

install action

The installing process status will be shown in your browser. It may takes a few minutes, so please be patient. After sucessfull, your screen like that

install plugins

When the notice "All installations have been completed" appears, click on the "Return to Required Plugins Installer" link to turn back to the plugin list.

install plugins

Next, click on the box beside the Plugin label again to select all plugins and choose Activate this time.

active all required plugins

Upon installation WooCommerce creates the following new pages:

These pages are setup with WooCommerce page shortcodes.

When the system gives you the notice that all plugins are activated, we are ready to proceed to Install Demo Data.

One Click Install Demo Data

max_input_vars = 10000
memory_limit = 128M

With GROVE, you can build a functioning website just by clicking a button and install our demo data. Your GROVE installation will be set up with what we have on our demo website, and you can use it as a template to develop your own website.
The "Demo Data Import" button can be found in Theme Options


Import Demo Content in One Click

As you can see in the picture above:

The progressing would be displayed on import status bars so you will know when it is finished and your data is ready.

Import Status Bars

Next, go to Appearance > Theme Options > Click button "Options Reset" > Click "Generate Less to CSS" > Click button "Save All Changes".

Last step, go to Settings > Permalinks > Click "Save Changes" button. Done.

Now, you can visit your website to view demo.


GROVE Options

By clicking on the "Theme Options" menu under "Appearance", you'll be able to change all template specific settings.

General Settings

"General Settings" tab is divided into a few sections. Asides from the Install Demo Data section mentioned above, there are a few important sections for you to customize your layout.

Header and Footer logo

You can upload this Logo on your server, or just paste an URL into the Logo box

Header Logo will display as below

Favicon and Archive Style, Layout

Page, Portfolio style

Page Title Style, Page Title Background, 404 Background

1.Page Title Style 01: frontend display

2.Page Title Style 02: frontend display

Header Options

GROVE provide 20 headers style as you see image(screen show only some types for example) below. User can choose one of them

Footer Options

With Tracking Code: is an awesome feature to help with the SEO process for your e-commerce website. You can paste your search engine tracking code here to help raising your rank on their listing page.

Styling Options

In this section user can choose layout Boxed/Wide, Dark/Light style, Background images/Background Pattern, and choose primary color, secondary color for entire website.

Show Panel Selector Style: frontend display


These options are for a box that enable people to share your blog content on various social networks which automatically shows up under the content blog posts, an important function that helps promoting your site. You can also check the options to decide which network they are allowed to share the content of your website on. You can also turn off all options if you don't want your content to be shared at all.

Social Link frontend display


Pick a style in this box and Page Title Background for your product image.

Shop Page Title Background: frontend display


The Typography section gives you the control to style general text in your website. You will style the common text in your posts and pages with Body Options, and Headings Options will help you style the headings in your posts(Body, Heading, H1-H6)

Resources Options

Resources options let you utilize boostrap elements to style your store quick and easily

Custom CSS

In case you want to add new CSS class to your website, add it in this text box. This will overwrite the theme CSS, so please be careful!

Backup and Restore Options

You can back up the options you chose here and restore them later, in case you want to fiddle with it.
You can even swap data between different installations by pasting the text in the box under Transfer Theme Options Data and click Import Options button.

Settings MailChimp Options

Step 1: Choose menu as:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5: Paste code html below to field "Form mark-up"

Step 6:

Step 7, the last:

Contact Forms Settings
Add New Contact Form and Setting Options

You can visit Contact Form 7 Plugin to further details.

Value Content Contact Form 01

Value Content Contact Form 02

Settings For Send Mail

You can visit WP Mail SMTP Plugin to further details.

WooCommerce Settings

Inside this panel you will find all the core WooCommerce settings such as: catalogue settings, pages, payment gateways, shipping methods and tax rates, accessible via the tabs at the top of the screen.

To configure your shop go to "WooCommerce > Settings", then browse through the tabs below to get more information on the WooCommerce Options and then click Save changes.

Next, open Products tab, config "Product Image Sizes" property as below then click "Save changes" button

Futher details, please read WooCommerce docs

Import Demo Content

If you are new to WordPress and have problems with setting up the theme you might want to import the demo content file that comes with the theme. The following actions will import some dummy posts and pages from the live preview:


Select WordPress from the list


Continue with steps in image


Display asked to import author, selected and continue


After completing all above steps, open frontend link to see the pages imported to make, look like below is ok


If you don't want to use the demo content pack, you can read the instructions on how to work with our theme built-in Page Builder below to make your own pages.

Build Pages in GROVE

GROVE uses Visual Composer as its visual page builder, you can take full control over your WordPress site and build any layout you can imagine with drag and drop page builder plugin – no programming knowledge required.

Visual Composer

Visual Composer is plugin developed by WP Bakery that adds a drag & drop page builder to WordPress theme. It gives you the tools you need to be able to create complex page layouts without needing to touch a single line of code.

Please visit this link and watch demo video to know more how it work.

Asides from the default elements that Visual Composer provides, we also offer our special Shortcode for customers

Pricing Table Shortcode

This shortcode have 2 styles, can custom item show, get content from post type. Choose animation display, icon and custom text color, background color, icon color, feature background color, feature color.

Style 01 & Style 02: frontend display

Our Team Shortcode

This shortcode have 3 types display(List, Slider, List With Filter), and 3 Layout style.

1. Style 01: frontend display

2. Style 02: frontend display

3. Style 03: frontend display

Portfolio Shortcode

Have 3 types display(Grid, Info, Timeline), 3 hover styles(Logo and Excerpt, Portfolio Name, Icon View), Dark/Light style, can get content from categories, choose animation and decided number item to show.

1. Style 01: Grid Layout, Show Category, Show Paging, No Padding frontend display

2. Style 02: Info Layout, With Padding frontend display

3. Style 03: Timeline Layout frontend display

4. Hover(Overlay Style): Logo and Excerpt frontend display

5. Hover(Overlay Style): Portfolio Name frontend display

6. Hover(Overlay Style): Icon View frontend display

More Shortcode we built on GROVE: CountDown, Partner Carousel, Video Background, IconBox, Pie Chart And More... users can view demo at Menu Shortcodes. Each shortcode easy to understant and custom.

These Shortcode for WooCommerce
Best Seller Product Shortcode

Get list best selling product on sale

Top Rated Product Shortcode

Display item products have hight rating by customer feedback.

Recent Product Shortcode

Display item latest in website

Other, Visual Composer built many WooCommerce Shortcode, if you need, please request us, we will update on next version

Building a home page

Setting a static page as Home

If you installed the Demo Content, you don’t need to create a new Home Page, you just need to choose from the list Home Pages that were automatically created from the demo content, following these steps:

Save all your changes!

If you DID NOT import the Demo Content, you will need to MANUALLY CREATE your Home and other pages. Here’s how to build it:

First, go to the "Pages" in your Dashboard and click on "Add New".

Building your Home page:

Now you can start fiddling with Visual Composer to build your home page with any design that you like.

In case you don't have time for experience with it, you can switch to "Classic Mode" and use one of the shortcode sets provided below to build your frontshop based on one of the pre-made home page we offer.

To create a page similar to Homepage in our the demo, choose the Classic Mode and switch to the Text tab, then paste this code into the content of your page:

Shortcode set for Home One Page

Shortcode set for Home Basic

Shortcode set for Home Basic - Dark

Shortcode set for Home Basic - Boxed

Shortcode set for Home Portfolio

Shortcode set for Home Portfolio - Dark

Shortcode set for Home Product

Shortcode set for Home Product - Dark

Shortcode set for Home Product - Boxed

Shortcode set for Home Landing

Shortcode set for Home Landing - Dark

Shortcode set for Home Landing - Boxed

Shortcode set for Home Shop

Shortcode set for Home Shop - Dark

Shortcode set for Home Shop - Boxed

Shortcode set for Home Alternative

Shortcode set for Home Alternative - Dark

Shortcode set for Home Alternative - Boxed

Paste one of these content into your Homepage, then publish this page and set it as your frontpage in the Wordpress Settings panel.

For a further understanding on these shortcodes and what they do, please visit GROVE Demo page and look for the actual explanation with examples from our Shortcode Menu there.

Building OnePage

Recently OnePage sites has become a trend, and GROVE can help you do it easily. You just have to create a Menu with Links as items.

After that, any where want menu link to section, please edit row by Visual Composer and type id on field: Row ID

Setup Home page Slider

After setting up the homepage, you need to setup the slider for homepage to make it display the same as in live preview.

The download package contains the exported slider (Revolution Slider) that can be used as your slider template. Please follow the steps below to import it to your shop:

Please note that these steps are to set up slider for homepage the same as in live demo. If you want to make your own slider, please follow the official Slider Revolution document.

Parallax Effect

To add Parallax scrolling effect for a Row while editing with Visual Composer, simply check Set parallax effect of your Row.

Next, select Design Options tab then select Background Image.

Mega Custom Menu

Mage menu provide many options for users: choose icon box, background image, one or multi drop down columns, width, can show/hide text and link...etc

Demonstration Mega Menu
1. Menu Icon

Our menu can choose icon for menu item as image below, but in GROVE theme demo site not use this function

2. Side of Dropdown Elements

Drop To Left Side: content submenu display from mouse hover menu position to left

Drop To Right Side: content submenu display from mouse hover menu position to right

3. Menu Layout

This is width of menu

Auto: width of submenu will auto follow width content

Full Width: width of submenu will full container

From 1/12 to 12/12: full width container is 12/12, others depend on value user select(Example: 6/12 is 1/2 your screen container)

4. Menu Grid(Option for sub mega menu)

In this case, this menu's parent is Multi Column Dropdown, this property is width of menu.
Example: value Menu Layout of PORTFOLIO is Full Width(12/12), Sub Menu Type of PORTFOLIO is Multi Column Dropdown, value Menu Grid for each sub menu as image, so total is 12(equals width container)

5. Sub Menu Type

Standard Dropdown: default(hover will display sub menu on the left or right)

Multi Column Dropdown: can set background image, change image's property

Frontend display(In GROVE theme demo site not use this function):

Portfolio Post Type

GROVE pre-made special portfolio post type is the perfect way to showcase your artwork, photography, or anything visual you want to show off.

Portfolio does not appear on the timeline with your blog posts to disturb the flow. They are also given special metaboxes for information that specifically belong in a Portfolio.

The portfolio section can be found at the left menu in your Dashboard, with some special Setting Options for you to configure its featured image, category, author and gallery.

GROVE Portfolio

GROVE Portfolio

GROVE Portfolio

Setting display option for portfolio

GROVE Portfolio

Display shortcode in style 01: Grid Layout, Show Category, Show Paging, No Padding

GROVE Portfolio

Display shortcode in style 02: Info Layout, With Padding

GROVE Portfolio

Display shortcode in style 03: Timeline Layout

GROVE Portfolio

Add New Portfolio Categories and New Portfolio
Add New Portfolio Category

GROVE Portfolio

Add New Portfolio

GROVE Portfolio

5 Styles For Detail Single Portfolio

GROVE Portfolio

Big Slider

GROVE Portfolio

Small Slider

GROVE Portfolio

Vertical Slider

GROVE Portfolio


GROVE Portfolio

Our Team

Our Team is the custom post type to introduce the staff in your organization to the customer. Posts from this type are built with special metaboxes for extra staff information.

Our team posttype

Setting display option for our team

Our team setting

Display shortcode in style 01

Display shortcode in style 02

Display shortcode in style 03

Pricing Tables

GROVE includes some amazing pricing table elements that are full with customization options. Pricing tables are a critical part in showcasing your services, prices and overall offerings. Also you can create unlimited price columns because we build slider view for it.

Pricing Table posttype

Setting display option for pricing Tables

Pricing Table setting

Pricing Table Style 01 & Style 02


The Testimonials section can be found at the left menu in your Dashboard, with some special Setting Options for you to configure its featured image and excerpt

Setting display option for Testimonials

Testimonials setting

Style display



User can update content process, change icon, and choose number columns display

Process posttype

Setting display option for Process

Process setting

Style 01


Style 02



This post type provide content for coming soon or under construction pages

Setting display option for Countdown

Countdown setting

Frontend display for under construction


Frontend display for comming soon


WooCommerce Products

GROVE use WooCommerce plugin, so customers should use document from offical docs.

For more details, please read managing products docs.

Thank you for purchasing our theme.
If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this documentation, please feel free to us via email g5plus@outlook.com.
Thanks so much!